Cold rolling

Following the CSP® plant, a five-stand pickling line/tandem cold mill will be arranged. To meet future demands, the process section of the pickling line/tandem cold mill (PL/TCM) will be equipped with SMS group‘s latest turbulence technology and a 600-kN leveling unit. With the aid of a payoff reel upstream the tandem cold mill, the pickling line and tandem cold mill can be operated in parallel independent of each other. This permits the hot strip to be pickled and oiled or directly guided to the tandem cold mill. The annual pickling capacity will be 1.0 million tons (1.1 million short tons).

The five-stand, six-high tandem cold mill will have a wide roll gap setting range and thus ensure excellent cold strip tolerances and strip flatness. The strip width is 1,981 mm (78"). The tandem cold mill will be able to roll the cold strip down to 0.20 millimeters (0.08").

A carousel reel will finally coil the rolled cold strip. In coupled mode with the continuous pickling line the annual capacity will be 770,000 tons  (850,000 short tons.)

The skin-pass mill for post-treatment of hot and cold strip with priority at cold strip skin-passing is designed for an annual capacity of 400,000 tons (440,000 short tons).

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