Tube & Wire 2020

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Tube & Wire 2020

Dear customers and partners,

As you already know, Tube & wire 2020 has been canceled on account of the worldwide development of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But nevertheless, we would like to inform you about our latest topics and new developments for our industries with this Tube & wire web feature. 

Please click on the hotspots on our booth layout and you will get more information about our latest tube & wire topics. In the next weeks, we will offer you videos with additional information on our topics also in our #connect area. Do not forget to register!

Please stay safe and healthy!

Your Organizing Team of Tube & wire 2020

The project company

Your project is the heart of our business and all SMS group employees around the world do everything to make your project a success. For us, the term "project" is not limited to new plants established on a green field, but incorporates the complete lifecycle of a plant. This includes especially ongoing technology upgrades to tap the full potential of a plant as well as major modernizations to adapt the plant technology to new market demands and gives an installation a new life. And digitalization and service are the areas that will become increasingly important in the coming years, as these are the levers for a lasting increase in efficiency. 

All our plants, products and services are designed to improve the KPIs which are elementary for the long-term success of your installation:

  • the safety of employees
  • the flexibility of production
  • the economic efficiency
  • the transparency of the process
  • the reliability of equipment
  • the sustainability for the environment. 
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The project company
Greenfield project

The life of most plants starts as a greenfield project. The integrated model our worldwide engineering teams create during the design and construtction phase is the foundation of all future functions of the plant. They serve as the basis for the manufacturing of components and integration tests as well as for staff trainings and consulting during operation.

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Tap the full potential of your plant
Upgrade and extension

All markets keep changing, so plant technology requires a continuous upgrade to keep up with this evolution. With our performance modules, upgrades of hardware and software or extension concepts, plant functions can be adapted to tap the full potential of your plant.

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Built to last: Fit for future markets

A modernization can give a new life to plants and make them fit for future markets. It is the combination of latest engineering tools, the use of digital twins, intensive testing of automation and equipment and our vast experience with challenging revamps, that make our modernization projects your sucess.

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Focus on your core business
Service relationship

SMS group is your partner during the complete plant lifecycle. We strive for a service relationship that includes everything from training to spare parts supply to full-service maintenance and support during emergencies in order to let you focus on your core business!

Virtual booth

These are our highlights of innovative products and new services for the tube and wire industry. Please click on the hotspots on our virtual booth layout and get more information about our developments. 

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