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Expert session: CaliView

Oct 01 2020 (03:00 PM CEST)

CaliView® is a measurement system for seamless tube mills. It uses a camera to measure the alignment of the rolls quickly, simply and - more importantly - in a contact-free way. What sets SMS group’s CaliView® system apart is that it measures the rolls and pass-lines in mills for seamless tube production inline. That makes it possible, for the first time, to exactly assess the passes with the rolls installed in the mill. According to a subsequent analysis of the measurement results, the rolls can be aligned to optimize the pass.

Watch the teaser

Beside it’s actual purpose to measure PQF and MPM mills the system can be used to check the alignment of the extractor to the PQF / MPM and in the toolshop for sizing mill stands. Also the wear of the rolls can be seen and evaluated.


  • How CaliView® works
  • How CaliView® is implemented in your line
  • How other customers use CaliView®
  • CaliView® success stories

“When SMS group asked me to talk about the latest innovations regarding CaliView®, I was excited; because the success story of this tool is amazing. We installed it in several seamless tube mills around the globe and developed the system even further.”

Frank d’Hone Product Manager SMS group

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