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Expert session: Green energy power feed systems

Nov 17 2021 (01:00 PM CEST)

As the metals industry is striving towards the reduction of CO2 emissions with the goal of carbon-neutrality, also the energy supply of metallurgical plants is shifting towards green and renewable sources. The increasing demand on fossil-free power feeding systems such as wind turbines, solar energy, energy recuperation etc., drives the need for interconnecting existing power grids with the new green energy sources, having a strong impact on the overall network characteristics. As system integrator and provider of large scale full line steel production plants, the SMS group combines all consumers and power producers, connecting them to hybrid power distribution networks (AC-Link, DC-Link, hybrid AC & DC) with improved plant energy efficiency. The SMS group’s DC ECO GRIDS offer already now the connection of green metals industry to new green energy power feed systems and include energy management consulting, business case definition & concept development, to solution design and system integration all from one source.

In addition, the expert session will also cover technologies to increase the energy efficiency of existing plants. Here, we will present our solutions for efficient electrical drives or modular switch power rectifiers.


  • DC ECO Grids link all modern metallurgical plants large consumers such as electric arc furnaces, rolling mills, processing lines, as well as new hydrogen electrolysis units and large capacity battery storage packages, with both renewable energies as windmills, solar energy, energy recuperation etc. and conventional public power grids. Interconnection is made by means of modern power electronic rectifiers and inverters.
  • Torque drive: A mechatronic, compact and energy efficient engine for flat rolling application with a total efficiency of 98 per cent
  • Modular switch power rectifiers for electrolytic strip processing with enhanced plant performance (residual ripple, control speed, control accuracy, cos phi) and combined up to 50% energy savings.

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