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Expert session: Copper scrap refining - Fire-to-Wire

Jul 01 2021 (01:00 PM CEST)


SMS group has developed a process for fire refining furnaces to recycle copper scrap, thus opening up the possibility of producing FRHC copper and copper anodes. FRHC ingots can be used to substitute up to 10 % of cathode input in the copper rod production. Depending on the desired product quality, different materials may be used, such as copper cathodes and copper scrap of grades 1 to 3 (e.g. birch/cliff).  Alternatively, with a slightly adapted process the same furnaces can be used to produce anodes for a copper tank house.  

In this Webinar we would like to turn the spotlight on our Tilting Refining Furnaces and Elliptical Tilting Refining Furnaces. These are generally based on semi-automated scrap charging and semi-automatic skimming that keeps the operators at a safe distance from the molten metal. They are designed for the re-melting of metal scrap in form of bales, loose scrap, or fines (which often contain impurities such as oil, paint, or plastic). The total volume of impurities can be >10 % of the charge weight. The units can also be offered “H2-ready”, enabling CO2-reduced copper production later on. The tilting furnace is also used for FRHC copper production.  Examples for the process, CAPEX and OPEX will be elaborated and discussed.


  • From scrap to anode
  • From scrap to FRHC Ingot
  • Intelligent metallics optimizer
  • OPEX/CAPEX summary

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