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Expert session (on demand): CSP® Nexus

Mar 09 2021 (10:00 AM CEST)


The new CSP® Nexus plant combines high productivity with best product quality, ensuring homogeneous temperature distribution and competitive operational costs. These plant characteristics are well-known for SMS group’s thin slab casting and rolling technology CSP® (Compact Strip Production). The significantly increased slab thickness and the possibility of an independent roughing and rolling process enables a broader product portfolio, e.g. heavy gauge API grades. At the same time, the resulting higher throughput enables endless operation without inductive heating for the production of ultra-thin gauges.


  • CSP® technology and references
  • Big River Steel and the Learning Steel Plant
  • CSP® Nexus: Portfolio
  • CSP® Nexus: Plant technology
  • CSP® Nexus: Operation modes
  • First reference: SDI (Steel Dynamics Inc.), Sinton, TX (USA)

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