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Free live Webinar: The Learning [Steel] Plant - Edition India and Southeast Asia

Jan 21 2021 (09:25 AM CEST)

It's time to turn your data into value

Join our free webinar to learn how SMS group and SMS digital shape the future of the Indian Steel Industry. Gain insights into SMS group‘s vision of the Learning [Steel] Plant and our sophisticated product portfolio for predictive asset health, product quality, production planning, and energy  management.

The steel industry is undergoing the 4th industrial revolution – the so-called Industrie 4.0.
In this phase, we are harnessing the power of digitalization to solve the problems that have been bothering every steel producer for ages – predictable plant conditions and targeted maintenance operations, consistent product quality and quick reactions to changing orders as well as optimum scheduling by balancing the process restrictions and market demands.

With our Indian Centre of Excellence, SMS group delivers first-class digital solutions that make your business ready for the fourth industrial revolution.


  1. Opening statement
    Ulrich Greiner | SMS group India, CEO

  2. The Learning [Steel] Plant
    Bernhard Steenken | SMS digital, CEO
  3. Digitalization in India & Industry 4.0
    Atanu Dey | SMS group India
  4. Predictive Asset Health
    Christoph Häusler | SMS group
    Fabrice Hansen | Paul Wurth
  5. Predictive Product Quality
    Manish Bhatt | SMS group India
  6. Predictive Production Planning
    Wilfried Runde | SMS digital
  7. Predictive Energy Management
    Dr. Thiago Turchetti Maia | Vetta Tecnologia, CEO
  8. Your First Steps
    Manish Bhatt | SMS group India


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