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Düsseldorf, 14. Dezember 2020

#Connect webinar: How signals drive the digital twin

Focus: Automation and innovation

As one of the world’s largest system integrators in the metallurgical business, SMS group combines its operational technology with its information technology. Here, digital twins play a central role for all stages of the plant life cycle, from design and commissioning to operation. SMS group dedicated a complete webinar to this topic. 

Webinar agenda
  • Operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) in one hand (Gerald Mayr and Eike Permin)
    Using the SMS group portfolio, it is shown how X-Pact® automation and digitalization are combined. SMS group has over 150 years of experience in the field of metal plant engineering and in-depth knowledge and expertise in metallurgical processes that apply to the entire value chain and the plant life cycle.
  • Digital commissioning with Plug & Work (Peter Waldhoff)
    Not only technical and time-saving aspects are driving us to meet our customers’ expectations regarding project execution. The presentation also deals with the important role of the soft skills aspect of the digital twin and Plug & Work test for project success.
  • Boosting the digital twin by modern software architecture (Andreas Kämpf)
    Design phase: This episode deals with modern software architecture and how it can be used for improving of processes
  • Live demo: Digital twin of a reversing cold mill (Jörn Sieghart and Blagoje Uscumlic)
    Start-up phase: During the Plug & Work tests, we bring the digital twin to life with the real system and operate them in parallel, using online data streams to increase its value from day one. This demo gives you an insight into the X-Pact® electrics and automation test center.
  • Live demo: Implementing a pull-based Kanban-system to achieve agile steel production (Wolfgang Linden, Krishnan Premanand, Saikat Maji) 
    In the operations phase, the digital twin is in practical use for meltshops underlines the flexibility of simulated behaviors of process models and their benefits. The Kanban principle can be adapted to all kinds of steel plant production routes.
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