Düsseldorf, 30. Oktober 2018

ILTEC - Revolution in furnace cooling

The use of water - today’s standard cooling medium - has major drawbacks as it can cause problems during furnace start-up and operation, namely refractory hydration problems, corrosion and explosion. Not to forget the severe personal, as well as economic damage in case of a malfunctioning water cooling system. ILTEC is a new patented cooling technology, developed by Mettop GmbH in Austria, to overcome the disadvantages of water by using an alternative cooling medium, namely the ionic liquid IL-B2001. IL-B2001 is non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic and minimizes explosions, due its low vapor pressure. It also has a wide liquid range and operating temperatures between 50 and 200 °C.

These properties all contribute to the safe use of IL-B2001 in various cooling applications in the metal processing industry where there is a risk of cooling water explosions. SMS group and Mettop have signed an exclusive cooperation agreement for the utilization of this revolutionary cooling system. One major focus in 2017 was to seek potentials for the ILTEC Technology within the entire SMS group. During several workshops in Germany, Asia, America and Africa workshop the most creative minds got together to collect ideas on how to implement the ILTEC Technology in the complete product portfolio of the SMS group.

The interest and participation was phenomenal and the outcome regarding possibilities of how and where to use ILTEC was simply over-whelming. So far more than 100 possibilities were identified. Right now, we are in the stage for focusing on the most lucrative opportunities – both for the clients and for SMS group. In summary the major applications can be seen in for area: safety, new cooling systems, new processes and energy recovery.

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