Düsseldorf, 28. August 2018

Non-ferrous metals team in Düsseldorf and Leoben

To cope with the big market in the non-ferrous metals area, we are going new ways not only with our services and products – also with our office. On 1st of August, the non ferrous team of the SMS group moved together in one office complex in the SMS office in Düsseldorf. Two video conference zones allow a frequent and efficient communication with our clients and subsidiaries and the open space promotes the internal coordination and communication greatly. The positive atmosphere additionally motivates our team.

The non-ferrous department is now approx. 30 people strong and being head by Dr. Rolf Degel. The team consists of highly experienced experts (partially > 40 years practical experience in equipment and plant design). Additionally we can rely on the support and expertise of our central divisions. Mr. Timm Lux is responsible for the sales and executions and Mr. Liedtke is managing the design department.

In Leoben Mettop, PolyMet and UrbanGold are also expanding – not only by work force but also in office space. From now on our customers, business partners and all our employees can gather in the classy ambience on the third floor of the building in a circle under the dome. The octagonal middle room offers the newest communication techniques and the spatial extension enables achieving together our greater goals. Unofficially, but however proud, we did inaugurate this premises and further we are looking forward to welcoming you in our copula.