Düsseldorf, 15. November 2018

Professional plant condition observation with 3D-scanning

Revamping plants is challenging because of the nature of brownfield design. It requires the lowest possible downtime during revamping as well as adaptation of the existing plant environment. Our intelligent solutions achieve higher production levels while retaining the approximate dimensions of both your furnace and your plant.

The following options are available for boosting your plant efficiency:

  • Process optimization
  • Modified charging mix and quantities
  • Improvement of cooling systems and refractory linings
  • Charging system and infrastructure optimization
  • Furnace enlargement
  • Installation of heat recovery systems
  • Productivity increase or change in product(s)
  • Improvement and safety and environmental issues
  • Upgrade of data recording and automation system
  • Installation of purging plugs or burners
  • Accurate planning and high degree of pre-fabrication for less downtime

We have accumulated extensive experience which enables us to effectively revamp and optimize units in the shortest time. Wherever the situation is more complex we can take 3D scans of your existing plant.