Düsseldorf, 18. Juni 2018

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Scalability of sofware projects

9. Scalability of software projects

Digital transformation and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) put high requirements on the scalability of software projects. In times of Big Data and an increasing connectivity, software has to be highly efficient and flexibly expandable. The vertical as well as the horizontal scalability have to be taken into account. More precisely: the expansion of resources such as storage, CPU performance, hard disk as well as the adding of further resources in the network.
Furthermore, it is important to integrate all six types of scalability right from the start:

  • Load scalability (increase of active users)
  • Spatial scalability (handling more memory consumption)
  • Temporal-spatial scalability (handling augmenting response time)
  • Structural scalability (handling more data objects)
  • Geographic scalability (independence of geographical distance)
  • Administrative scalability (access to the system)

Due to the increasing connectivity of applications, integrating different devices and platforms becomes indispensable – from smartphone to tablet to embedded systems of different plants.
Today, the innovative applications of SMS digital already fulfill these requirements. They are suitable for small businesses as well as for big players in the metal industry. The applications are all web-based and are architecturally designed to offer open interfaces and be flexibly expandable. The deployment of the digital mySMS group platform therefore provides a seamless integration of our partners’ software as well as the highest possible scalability.