The global steel industry  is responsible for around 10% of global CO2 emissions. On average, the production of one ton of steel causes 1.85 tons of CO2. In addition, most countries in the world have agreed on binding net zero targets. Following the Paris climate agreement, by 2050 alone, approx. 37 million tons of annual production must become CO2 neutral - every year! Hydrogen is the key, but the transformation of the steel industry with its huge plants is unlikely to progress fast enough to meet the world's Net-Zero targets. In addition, the worldwide availability of hydrogen in sufficient quantities must be ensured. By 2050 the transformation of the global steel industry will require investments of around US$ 1.4 trillion. Companies must act now in order to keep up with that change.

SMS group services stand for sustainability. Already today, we make a significant contribution to increasing sustainability in the steel industry. We not only look at CO2 emissions and energy consumption. With our comprehensive services, we also ensure fewer waste, more stable and efficient processes, and an increase in the longevity of our plants all of which contribute to our goal of turning metals green. Steel plant owners can significantly improve sustainability by optimizing maintenance, product quality, production logistics, energy, and efficiency management processes.