When a customer experiences performance challenges due to downtimes, a joint consulting project with SMS group is usually the first step to take. Within the cause of the investigation phase noumerous use cases can be identfied that are to be covered by the digital solution package. What really sets SMS group apart is the considerable value-add we contribute with the combination of deep metallurgical and operational domain expertise and the cutting-edge AI capabilities which manifest in our Asset Optimization Suite. To boost the performance of the solution package to be installed even further, we team-up with our partner Noodle.ai, a leading provider for industrial AI applications.

Digital asset optimization meets data science

While many issues can already be optimized by improving process parameters based on the data-scientific investigation of historical process data, SMS group recommends installing a comprehensive digitalization package to systematically reduce downtimes. With that, all relevant process and plant data are centrally processed by our DataXpert platform. It forms the basis for generating added value from data by applying AI and machine learning to identify patterns. It feeds predictive algorithms that allow the precise prediction of the plant’s condition and process stability, thus increasing the schedulability of operations and minimizing downtimes. Our Alarm Manager is used to visualize and evaluate data combined from a range of sources in one dashboard application to provide plant managers and maintenance personnel with real-time monitoring. Additionally it allows the centralized storage of countermeasures, ultimately reducing unplanned downtimes even further.

OPEX-based business models for advanced software solutions

Instead of a conventional model with a down payment followed by payments upon delivery and commissioning, SMS group offers mixed, OPEX-based business model with fixed monthly payments and a performance-based payment component tied to the actual downtime reduction achieved. This approach is feasible when we were able to correlate any of the given use cases with its respective business value. We also require historical baseline data available to demonstrate quantifiable improvements we achieve based on live plant data.

The key benefits

The modernization results in the substantial improvement of two key performance indicators: First and foremost, we are able to reduce unscheduled downtime by up to 50% compared to pre-modernization performance. Additionally, we reduce the projects financial risk by shifting substantial proportions of its costs from CAPEX to OPEX through the hybrid fixed fee/performance-based model.

Future potentials

Once having entered into a digital asset optimization environment follow-up project are usually a reasonable sequential step. Witht the installation of addional solutions the EAF - or any other plant - can be optmized even further, ultimately leading to stable production condition with reduced downtimes and foreseeable production results.

Genius Condition Monitoring

Genius CM® is a modular online screening system for permanent monitoring of steel plants that records and analysis process data. It continuously generates live information on the condition of the components and warning messages whenever action is needed. Genius CM® can bring quality and availability to a whole new level.


By installing an IMMS®, customer can easily convert maintenance activities into maintenance jobs performed and align those with actual production plans, spare part availability or other planned maintenance acrtivities.


In combination with eDoc, necessary spare parts could be allocated in a 3D representation of the plant, stocks can be checked and purchased directly through the software.

Technical Outsourcing Services

Utlimately, SMS group could take over off-line maintenance for dedicated parts of the plant in total. Thanks to over 5000 service employees and 60 maintenance locations around the world, SMS group is in the leading position for taking over such peripherical activities

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