Drives for cold rolling mills

Characteristic of cold rolling mills is their operation over an extremely large range of speeds reaching up to 2,000 m/min. That's why the main drive units often comprise change-speed gears with two transmission stages. This provides a correspondingly wide speed range. The spur gears and mill pinion gears are arranged in one housing.

Reference Drives for cold rolling mills Image
Low-vibration gear design Image

Low-vibration gear design

You can use SMS group low-vibration gears to improve the end product quality produced by your existing cold rolling mills. Whether you choose new SMS group low-vibration gear boxes or change only the gear sets, you'll spot the difference right away!

Cold rolling and skin pass rolling Image

Cold rolling and skin pass rolling

Installing the new SMS group change-speed gear into your reversing cold mill means you can also operate the plant as a skin pass mill. During skin pass rolling, only one roll is driven. The other roll is disconnected from the drive train by a mechanism inside the new gear box.