Gear Wheel Production

Process steps for highest quality

Always dedicated to top quality, we manufacture our drive components at our workshop in Hilchenbach, Germany. The forgings for the drive components come exclusively from select suppliers in Western Europe.

To guarantee the best mechanical properties, the degrees of deformation and the cleanness of the material must meet the most stringent requirements.

Submerged-arc welding image

Submerged-arc welding

We use fully mechanical submerged-arc welding. All weld seams are 100% ultrasonically tested.

Gear cutting Image

Gear cutting

The gears are cut on state-of-the-art numerically controlled hobbing machines. These produce bull gears with single and double-helical toothing and diameters of up to 6,000 mm.

Case hardening Image

Case hardening

The SMS group case-hardening process for large gear wheels

Grinding gearwheels Image

Grinding gearwheels

Here, after case-hardening, surfaces are machined on state-of-the-art profile grinding machines. We produce gearwheels and mill pinions up to modulus 40 mm.

Preassembling the gearbox Image

Preassembling the gearbox

The complete gear units are preassembled in the workshop

Adjusting the contact pattern Image

Adjusting the contact pattern

We assemble gear sets and gear units in our workshop and set an optimum contact pattern with the aid of eccentric bushes. That means our gear units arrive on site ready for installation.