High-performance gears for hot strip mills

You can rely on high-performance gears in SMS group design because they give you built-to-last durability due to our special case-hardening process. All our gears feature self-aligning roller bearings from premium suppliers. Also included is centralized oil lubrication of the gear teeth and bearings plus separate oil flow monitoring for every lubrication point.

High-performance gears for hot strip mills Image
Case-hardened reduction gears Image

Case-hardened reduction gears

These are remarkably rugged reduction gears with case-hardened pinion and case-hardened output gear. The output gearwheel comes in solid or welded design with a rim of forged high-alloyed steel.

Mill pinion gears

Mill pinion gears

Mill pinion gears in SMS group advanced gear design transmit up to 30% higher torques than conventional case-hardened types of the same outer dimensions.


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