High-powered tilt drives for BOF and AOD converters

Whether you operate BOF or AOD converters, our tilt drives provide the reliability you want and need. It's the job of tilt drives to turn the converter vessel in a controlled manner into the filling, emptying, and sampling positions. We have developed special solutions both for BOF and AOD converters.

BOF converter tilt drives Image
BOF converter tilt drives

When filled to the maximum weight of 400 t of liquid steel, BOF (Basic Oxygen Furnace) converters weigh a total of 1,000 t and more. To ensure continuous availability, our tilt drives come with emergency pneumatic drive units plus control systems. They are designed to tilt converters even if the motors fail.

AOD converter tilt drives Image
AOD converter tilt drives

Problematic with the AOD process is that it considerably agitates the liquid steel. These vibrations result in high dynamic loads which can exceed those from the tilting operation itself. To take the strain, the tooth segment of the locking arm engages with the bull gear and fixes it in the blowing position. That distributes the forces over several tooth faces and transmits it into the foundations without any backlash. This significantly relieves both the bull gear and the downstream gear units.

SMS group converter tilt drive fully assembled ready for installation

All SMS tilt drive units are manufactured and fully assembled in our workshop in Hilchenbach, Germany. Once your unit arrives on site, we only need to shrink-fit the main gear onto the converter trunnion. So it's a time-saving, much faster assembly than with the old tangential keyed joint method.