SIEFLEX®-HT gear-type mill drive spindles

Our SIEFLEX®-HT gear-type spindles are engineered to transmit drive torque to the finishing mill work rolls. Involved here are a new hardening process, an optimized tooth design, and a special tribo-system, which enormously enhance the performance of these shafts. As a result, SIEFLEX®-HT spindles pack up to double the torque of conventional gear-type drive shafts.

To facilitate work roll shifting, SIEFLEX®-HT spindles include longer internal toothings of the sleeves on the mill pinion side. They achieve shifting distances of more than +/- 200 mm and deflection angles of up to 3°.

Equally effective is the continuous oil lubrication system included in SIEFLEX®-HT spindles. It thoroughly cools the spindles during operation. Plus, due to the constant oil flow, there is no need to maintain grease levels and deal with environmentally polluting grease. All this significantly extends spindle service life and reduces mill downtimes.

SIEFLEX<sup>®</sup>-HT gear-type mill drive spindles Image
Conventional spindle gear Image

Conventional spindle gear

SIEFLEX<sup>®</sup>-HT spindle gear Image

SIEFLEX®-HT spindle gear