Sustainable production saves you money

Spiraling energy costs, government restrictions on emissions, and limited resources - going green makes business sense more than ever before. That's why SMS group focuses on the vast scope available for integrating energy saving and eco solutions in metallurgical processes. 

Crucial for resource-efficient technologies is streamlining production and boosting yields. There is even more potential for savings when you take a broader perspective. This means looking not just at individual parts of the plant, but also at the whole process. You can recycle recovered energy or residues in your entire plant to substitute expensive input materials. However, all methods that protect resources must be transparent and easy to grasp.

The SMS group response is our "ecoplants" label. It indicates especially eco-friendly solutions. That shows we take sustainability seriously as a key growth factor for both economic and ecological reasons.

Here is how we combine sustainability and business success:

Much lower raw materials input

Much lower energy and operating media consumption

Much lower emissions

Much higher recycling rate

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BlueCompetence Partner

Sustainability is a mega-topic of our time.

Given ever scarcer resources and a growing world population, sustainability is a must. Against this backdrop, VDMA has created the Blue Competence sustainability initiative. SMS group supports the Blue Competence initiative as one of already more than 400 partners from the European mechanical and plant engineering industry.

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Gas cleaning plants

Broad portfolio of gas cleaning solutions

The melting process generates up to 20 kilograms of dust per ton of steel. This goes into the exhaust air where it represents a big problem. You need to clean the exhaust air to ensure sustainable steel production and comply with clean air regulations. Whatever your furnace type - whether electric-arc (EAF), basic oxygen (BOF converter), argon oxygen decarburization (AOD converter), or submerged-arc (SAF) - we offer you the right technology. Our range includes:

  • Complete gas cleaning plants for all metallurgical equipment
  • Primary gas cooling / dedusting
  • Secondary dedusting
  • Gas recovery (BOF, SAF)
  • Dedioxization (by lignite coke)
  • Desulphurization
  • EFATM process
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Hydro-hybrid filter system

Water treatment & recycling

Broad portfolio of fluid treatment solutions

We are dedicated to eco-friendly production with low environmental impact. Our portfolio includes new plants as well as upgrades for your existing systems. Here are some of our options for you:

  • Fresh water purification
  • Cooling circuits
  • Waste water treatment
  • Closed material cycles
  • Waste recycling

Our water treatment plants are state of the art and engineered to your wants and needs.

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Individual solutions for fluid systems


There is a tradition of sustainability at SMS group. That's because we have always been dedicated to green production and building eco-compatible plants. Everything to do with ecological issues comes together in our Environmental Engineering specialist department. Teaming up with other responsible departments brings you the ultimate in value: we drive new developments, come up with innovative, energy-saving strategies for your individual problems, and provide information on the different environmental regulations in plant construction around the world.

Solutions for the complete process by SMS group

By-products - image

By-products & recycling

  • Waste material SAF
  • Waste material briquettes
  • Combined EAF shredder Process


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  • Energy Recovery Systems (EAF, BOF, SAF)
  • Gas Recovery (BOF, SAF)
  • Process Gas Boiler /Power Plant
  • Energy from hot slabs
  • Innovative melting - Primary Energy Melter-S/EAF®
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  • Maintenance & Optimization
  • Revisions & Studies
  • Revamp/Modification & Spare parts
  • Energy Management & Energy Monitoring Systems
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Gas cleaning

  • Complete Gas Cleaning Plants
  • New Primary BOF Dedusting (wet/dry)
  • Secondary Dedusting Systems (Meltshops etc.)
  • Airwash SystemTM
  • Rolling mill offgas treatment
  • DENOX-Systems
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Water treatment

  • Classic waste water treatment
  • Make-up water Technologies
  • Open & closed cooling cycles
  • Thermal process
  • Membrane process
  • Chemical supply

Energy recovery

Broad portfolio of energy recovery solutions

The most important energy input in the steel industry comes in the form of heat. That goes for processes all along the process chain - from steelmaking plants to processing lines. Yet generating combustible gases often wastes precious thermal energy.
That's why we developed several solutions to recover energy from:

  • Hot off-gas from EAF, BOF, AOD, and SAF using evaporation-cooled ducts or waste heat boilers
  • Combustible exhaust gases using industrial power plant technologies
  • Hot off-gas with reheating furnaces
  • Hot slabs with innovative heat exchangers
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Sustainable and profitable worldwide Ecoplants technologies throughout your process chain

To help you streamline all sections of your metallurgical process chain, we develop technologies to our strict ecoplants standards. Some 85 technologies that deal with the most energy-intensive flashpoints prove our pioneering role. Simply download the PDF document for an overview of our continually expanding range of green technologies.

85 Technologies

Blast furnace & sinter plants: 15

Metallurgical plants: 10

Continuous casting: 10

Hot rolling: 15

Cold rolling: 15

Strip processing lines: 20


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