Sustainable drive design for forging presses

Always determined to improve our products, we resolved to develop the most innovative drive design yet for automated mechanical forging presses. Essential for our plan was attaining shorter pressure dwell times combined with a higher ram speed during forging. Specifically, we also aimed to secure the longest possible tool lives. That gives you more time to transfer workpieces and dies by cooling and lubrication. This in turn means: longer plant service lives, significantly higher productivity, and impressive savings in terms of emissions, energy, and process media consumption.

The technical solution we developed is MEERtorque®. It involves separating the press movement and the energy supply. This new drive unit makes it possible to build the world‘s first closed-die forging press with servo drive. Featured here is a theoretical stroke frequency of up to 120 strokes per minute. Taking the tool service lives into account, this gives you the potential for an operating frequency of 40 strokes per minute. Standard market solutions only attain around 32 strokes per minute.

Not only more efficient, our new type of drive system is also far cheaper than previous technology. That’s because the flywheel is directly driven. This eliminates the need for a drive gear unit. Also no longer necessary with the direct shaft drive is a press brake.

Energy recoveryduring the process

You gain an impressive array of optimized features from this new solution:

  1. The non-slip safety coupling means no wear parts.
  2. Far fewer mechanical parts for noticeably less maintenance and repairs.
  3. Lower temperature impacts ensure significantly higher availability and energy efficiency.
  4. You save on consumables and recycling costs.
  5. Drastically reduced noise. And these are just some of the benefits for you.

Yet perhaps most significant here is the intelligent energy flow control system. An eccentric press with a MEERtorque® drive operates with a much lower energy input. Just like modern hybrid concepts used in the automotive industry, the eccentric drive generates an electrical current during the deceleration phase. This is directly fed back by the flywheel motor. Improved reliability, less maintenance, lower production costs, greater flexibility, and significant energy savings: upgrading your forging press with our new MEERtorque® drive is sure to significantly boost your market position.

New materials for a new drive

We are increasingly turning to torque motors as our preferred drive unit for rolling machines, manipulator equipment, and screw presses. Starting from today’s new types of magnet materials, we can now use these drives in large-scale applications. What makes all the difference here is the high torque at low speeds. This not only eliminates the gear unit, but also ensures a higher level of efficiency than conventional asynchronous motors can achieve.

Ecoplants criteria

Your ecological benefits

Energy: - 25%
Consumables: - 10% 

Your economic benefit

Energy cost savings: 25%