Perfect ARC®


Digital welding across the whole process

We are taking a whole new direction when it comes to arc and submerged-arc welding of spiral tubes and pipes. Instead of thyristor current sources, the standard solution today, we use a fully digitalized current source. The result is the perfect arc you can control precisely at all times. That’s why we termed it Perfect Arc®.

Conventional thyristor current sources come with serious drawbacks. One is high energy consumption. Moreover, controlling the welding process is relatively imprecise and slow. So it’s exciting to see that PWS has digitalized not only the process control system, but also the current source itself. The key here is IGBT technology (Insulated-gate bipolar transistor). This is a digital semiconductor device which ensures virtually powerless control of current and voltage, plus is well-known for its resilience to short-circuits. The result: Depending on the operating point, Perfect Arc® can achieve energy savings of 30 to 40%.

Greater process stability

Responsible for controlling the welding process is a microcontroller with integrated wire feeder control system. The extremely high control intervention frequency of 20 kHz (50 μs) means you can modify the characteristics of the entire welding process in microseconds, whenever you want. As a result, you can significantly improve all three phases of the welding process – start (ignition), welding (welding stability), and stop (end crater behavior). Overall, the welding process is more stable and more reproducible than with conventional welding systems.

High speed and less wastage
Prepare to be impressed, because a spiral pipe plant equipped with Perfect Arc® achieves top speeds of 12 m/min and can run continuously at 8 - 9 m/min. That’s twice as fast as conventional plants. Another advantage for you is the significant reduction in wastage and wear ensured by permanent, AI-controlled optimization of the automation system. There is no question: the wide range of benefits of Perfect Arc® is poised to set new standards in spiral pipe welding in the future.

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Ecoplants criteria*

*Savings based on the total of all welding tasks in tube and pipe production
(MAG welding / SA welding inside /SA welding outside) 

Your ecological benefits

Energy savings: 2.7 kWh/t
CO2 savings: 1.7 kg/t 

Your economic benefit

Energy cost savings: approx. €0.50/t