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Controlled Cooling Technology (CCT®)

Electrical and automation systems
Controlled Cooling Technology (CCT®) Cooling line automation

There are two versions of our CCT® system:

  1. The CCT® offline system for simulating the temperature gradient in the mill and calculating setpoints for the water cooling boxes and blowers.
  2. The CCT® online system for controlling the given parameters by performing online changes in the water cooling box and blower setup.
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CCT® OFFLINE: features

  • Process simulation for technologists in wire rod mills, bar mills and combination mills
  • Applicable to any mill
  • System runs on any office PC (USB, Ethernet, OS, Win XP)
  • Simulates different cooling strategies
  • Integrated layout and roll pass design
  • Integrated database for steel grades (can be modified and expanded by user)
  • Integrated local database for cooling programs and simulation parameters
  • Integrated data exchange interface to existing database or automation system
  • Integrated indicative microstructure model (CCT plots)

CCT® OFFLINE: your advantages

  • Simulation facilitates the addition of new steel
    grades (no costly or time-consuming rolling trials)
  • Quick reaction to customer demands
  • Modification and optimization of existing cooling
  • Generation of alternative cooling programs
  • Qualitative appraisal of the influencing parameters
    in the mill itself
  • Determination of cooling line setup
  • Representation of cooling process evolution in
    the form of a CCT diagram

CCT® ONLINE: distinctive features

  • Closed loop temperature control
  • Adaptation to changing process parameters for cons-
    tant material properties
  • Max. 5 cooling lines per roll path
  • Integrated alert signals
  • Can be applied to any mill
  • Uses standard interfaces: Profibus and OPC

Closed loop control for PSM®

Closed loop control between MEERgauge® and PSM®

Combining the highly dynamic control system and true-shape measuring unit ensures fully automatic rolling of the 3-roll block with the advanced diameter measurement gauge. Plus, it requires no intervention from the operator.