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Makes us fit for the future

Today, our Electrical and Automation Systems Division employs more than 1,000 experts worldwide. Always forwardthinking, for more than 25 years, we have steadily built our specialist team to supply the full range of integrated electrical and automation systems.

X-Pact® world leading automation know-how

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

X-Pact® modular automation packages - a key success factor in realizing even complex plants. It's a holistic electrics and automation package which means X-Pact® ensures all your plant parts complement each other perfectly - from energy supply and distribution through drive technology, instruments, and automation to production planning.

Development > Design > Manufacturing > Testing > Commissioning > Service

Coordinated Power Supply

Medium and low-voltage switchgears, distribution and furnace transformers, compensation equipment (SVC), filter circuits

  • All components - from the power grid to the power supply and the mechanical actuators - optimized and geared to your process requirements
  • Low investment and operating costs due to reduced power dissipation
  • Only the best suppliers selected

X-Pact® drive extremly energy-efficient, optimized lifetime costs

Low-voltage frequency converters as an integral part of X-Pact® electrics and automation

  • High quality due to modular drive design
  • Standardized and harmonized low-voltage drive solutions for all plant typ
  • Tailored to your process requirements

Matched precisely to your plant requirements

Drive transformers, converters, motors

  • Only the best suppliers selected
  • Dimensioning of the drive trains based on real process requirements derived from SMS group's own pass schedules

Flatness Measuring System as an example

Applications in cold rolling mills and strip processing lines for steel including Si-steel and stainless steel), aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, etc.

  • Maintenance-free roll for all applications
  • Closed roll surface with different surface hardnesses and/or coatings available
  • Application up to a strip temperature of
    200°C - for higher temperatures under proving (for hot rolling)
  • More than 60 references since 2006

Basic automation and control systems

What comes together in our automation systems is our many years of experience in mechanical equipment plus the know-how from hundreds of units built for our customers worldwide.

  • Electrical and automation solutions tailored to the requirements of the metallurgical and rolling mill industry
  • Pre-optimized systems tested under real-life conditions for both new plants and modernizations

Technological process models, process sequencing, and reporting

Crucial to increasing the yield of modern plants are process automation systems. They are based on mathematical and physical models.

  • The same models which are used to design the plant are integrated in the plant automation
  • Optimal process guidance and maximum production levels
  • Improved and stable production process
  • High production flexibility
  • Support for the development of new products

Planning and Manufacturing Processes

Also developed by SMS, the X-Pact® Level 3 system gives you all the tools you need for planning and manufacturing production processes in metallurgical plants and rolling mills.

  • Maximum utilization of production plants and infrastructure
  • Urgent orders can be integrated in the planning
  • Reduced stocks of raw, intermediary, and finished materials
  • Detailed overview of the entire production process
SMS group provides integrated solutions comprising mechanics as well as electrics and automation for all products.

All major SMS group innovations over the last 30 years have been fully developed to market readiness with our own electrical and automation systems.

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Products & Solutions

Our modular automation packages work outstandingly along the entire metallurgical process chain, from the initial planning of a new plant, trough upgrading and modernizing.

We offer not only general products and solutions for all plant types, but also specific plant-related solutions.

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Plug & Work

Faster commissioning with Plug & Work

Our Electrics and Automation Division carries out extensive integration tests on your system, and also instructs your personnel on how to operate it. Long before installation at your facility the automation system is tested and optimized under near-reality conditions, using a simulation model that maps the entire mechanics, drive technology, and process.

It’s an added advantage that SMS group employees train your future operators on the original control panels. This involves virtual production where your personnel gets to know the functions of the plant and how to use it in realistic operation situations. As a result, Plug & Work ensures a rapid runup of your plant.

Plug & Work - image

Operation and visualization

Our new X-Pact® Vision - Operation and Visualization concept covers every demand of a modern, highly automated plant.

This set of highly optimized features enables operators to control and enhance complex plant processes at any time. Web based reporting allows the process access everywhere.

Operation & Visualization - image


Keeping pace with the market requirements is an ongoing challenge for producers in general. The overcapacity in the world’s steel production tells us that new plants will only be built to a limited extent.

The producers will more thoroughly check their existing facilities and investigate modernization scenarios to suit their strategic positioning in the market. World class suppliers like SMS group may assist with their vast experience and work out roadmaps together with the plant users.

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As a globally leading manufacturer of metallurgical plants, we supply flexible, fairly priced, and tailor-made solutions based on profound expertise.

They meet all requirements of today’s metallurgical plant and rolling mill technology. This is how we make companies worldwide fit for future challenges and opportunities, also by providing cutting-edge electrical and automation systems. Positive feedback from our customers after numerous successfully implemented projects confirms the effectiveness of our modernization concepts.

Check out our references to see for yourself how many greenfield projects and revamps we have successfully completed since 2000.

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Always at your side

Quick and reliable, worldwide

The various services we provide can be ideally compiled into a package and scaled in accordance with your requirements. Included among your options are:

  • Plant and process monitoring
  • Hotline
  • 24/7 tele-service
  • Training prior to and during operation
  • Support from plant and technology experts
  • On-site troubleshooting
  • Technological dialog
  • System upgrades and updates
  • Technological upgrades
  • Spare parts service
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Close to you

You want your automation supplier to be on the ground locally for a rapid response to situations such as malfunctions. That's why we are also represented in your region. We have branches in China, India, Italy, Russia and the United States with their own sales and processing capacities for electrics and automation. The structures in our subsidiaries are similar to those in Germany. So it's easy for our employees to identify their counterparts in the other organizations. Furthermore, we have rolled out unified processes and identical tools.

Your direct line to our service

The automation experts in our branches around the world guarantee service close to you covering the entire spectrum of our work.



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