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X-PACT® PGS - process guidance system

Process-oriented operation

Here's your fast-track route to the future. Our Process Guidance System sets a new standard in the automated control of complex plants. What's different is: it's process-oriented and supremely reliable.

  • Operation is process-oriented, ergonomic, and simple 
  • PGS stands out for high transparency and scalability
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X-PACT® PQA - product quality assessment

100 % quality ensured by entire quality data survey

Product quality assessment along the entire production chain

  • Optimized process
  • Higher product quality
  • Lower production costs
  • Stable, prime-quality production
  • Fewer complaints - long-lasting partnership 
  • Troubleshooting support
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Production planning system (PPS)

Manufacturing planning and performance

Our X-Pact® Level 3 system gives you all the tools you need for planning and performing all production processes in metallurgical plants and rolling mills.

  • Maximum utilization of production plants and infrastructure
  • Urgent orders can be included in the planning
  • Reduces inventories of raw, intermediary, and finished materials 
  • Detailed overview of the entire production process
Production planning system (PPS) image

X-PACT® energy advisor

Continuously lower energy costs

The X-Pact® Energy Advisor makes energy consumption transparent, so you can reduce your energy costs effectively.

  • Defined energy-saving potential 
  • Continuously higher efficiency
  • Optimized energy procurement 
  • Support of energy controlling
X-PACT energy advisor image

X-PACT® plant condition advisor

The “transparent plant”

Our integrated Monitoring System maps your plant status, creating a "transparent plant". How? By using intelligent evaluation algorithms to log and analyze defined signals and sensor data.

  • Monitored mechanical and electrical plant components
  • Increased plant availability
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Optimized spare parts inventories
X-PACT plant condition advisor image

X-PACT® drive

Extremely energy efficient, optimized lifetime costs

Low-voltage frequency converter as an integral part of X-Pact® electrics and automation

  • Integral part of X-Pact® electrics and automation
  • High quality due to modular drive design
  • Standardized and harmonized low-voltage drive solutions for all plant types
  • Geared to your process needs
X-PACT drive image

Upgrade package

Updated application software

Migration of existing solutions to the latest system platform

  • Continuous upgrades possible over the entire plant lifetime 
  • Most cost-effective solution
  • Shortest downtime and no re-commissioning necessary
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Safeguarding plant lifetime

Various applications in different operating systems are operational on the same hardware platform.

  • Hardware independence plus portability of operating systems and applications
  • High availability of automation systems due to use of up-to-date hardware
  • Lower investment and maintenance costs
  • Operator interface remains unchanged
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