Spray technology - the cleanest step forward

A genuine multi-talent, our spray technology cleans, cools, and dries the dies, then applies the necessary lubrication.

Tailored to your requirements - no more, no less
Accurate spray system control ensures in-cycle die maintenance with precisely programmable spraying times and quantities. This is where our product range meets virtually all your spray requirements. High-speed presses feature mechanically linked spray arms that swing in and out in tandem with the forging process. Available from us are flexible manipulators or robot-mounted spray systems that offer you manual or other individual solutions.

Green tech included
Installing our extractor hoods and filters on your press and spray system means you extract process vapors at the source. Our integrated design makes maintenance easy and effectively cleans up your press area.

Spray technology - the cleanest step forward image Spray technology - the cleanest step forward image

Exact positioning

Our automation systems specifically for the hot section set new standards in forging force and positioning accuracy. Included here are gripper arms and walking beam systems with hydraulic or servo electric drives.

Uninterrupted production flow

Here we offer you transport and handling systems perfectly geared to your application. Typical examples are insertion and removal devices, manipulators for forging rolls, charging devices, and intermediate transport facilities.

Top quality every time

Continuous, thermally stable forging processes result in higher precision, closer tolerances, and reproducible forgings.