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Let knowledge grow your company Welcome to SMS TECademy!

As your partner for plant and machinery, SMS group is also a great partner for your employees.
That's where SMS TECademy comes in. It offers you services that enhance your expertise as a plant owner. Our experts provide standardized, individual, or E-Learning trainings to share their valuable knowledge with you. You can learn either on your business premises, at central SMS group locations, or even at your own PC - whenever and wherever it suits you.

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As part of our annual training program, we offer you modules covering a variety of subject areas:

  • Technology
  • Maintenance
  • Plant Technology

There is an array of modern, proven course formats for you - with a clear focus on practical application and benefits. If you want more than a standard course, simply contact us.

Our SMS TECademy experts will be happy to design a customized training course specifically tailored to your needs. All this is in tune with our commitment to developing, deepening, and above all securing your knowledge.
Our trainers are experts in their field so they know the right answers to your questions.

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Invest in the most valuable asset you have: your employees. Then you can:

  • Unlock untapped potential
  • Use valuable tips from practical experience for practical applications 
  • Enhance operational and process reliability
  • Benefit from the transfer of manufacturer know-how


2017 TECademy Program - From employees to experts
TECademy - Overview


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Learn about our plant technology covering the entire process chain for the production of high-quality metals.