Hot and cold rolling aluminium

Our trainings in the digital workshop

Here we offer you various training units. After completing these modules on the metallurgical process chain, you’ll be familiar with the basic tasks, characteristics, and functions of the main plants and machines used in this process:

The learning units (1 Day):

  • Virtual-reality plant tour
  • Introduction
  • Hot rolling aluminum
  • Cold rolling aluminum


German  Courses  (No. 1141):

February 18, 2018

(Closing date for reservation: January 21, 2018)

English  Courses  (No. 1140):

March 18, 2018

(Closing date for reservation: February 18, 2018)


SMS group GmbH - Düsseldorf

Traning Fee

€ 900.00

Target group

Anybody who wants to understand the processes of hot and cold rolling aluminum.

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