Basic training

“Qualified specialist” for hydraulic pipes/hoses

Want to know all about safety and preventive maintenance in hydraulics? Here is why this TECademy training is for you. The German Industrial Safety Regulations (BetrSichV) demand regular checks of hydraulic pipes and hoses, plus corresponding documentation. This is where you need qualified specialists for the pipe/hose inspection and evaluation process. All it takes is that your participant has completed this training and passed the test, so you can appoint him as a “qualified specialist”.

The learning units (2 days):

  • Refresher unit on the physical and technical basics of hydraulics
  • Effects of pressure ratios in hydraulic control systems
  • Occupational safety regulations, accident prevention regulations
  • Directives and general, recognized rules of technology
  • Safety regulations for hydraulic pipes and hoses according to BGR 237 (Trade Association Regulations)
  • Safety regulations for hydraulic fluids according to BGR 137 (Trade Association Regulations)
  • Industrial Safety Regulations (BetrSichV)
  • Inspection activities and responsibility of the qualified specialist
  • Exercises, success checks, final test


German  Courses  (No. 5021):

April 27 - 28, 2017

(Closing date for reservation: March 30, 2017)

English  Courses  (No. 5020):

June 22 - 23, 2017

(Closing date for reservation: May 26, 2017)


SMS group GmbH - Mönchengladbach

Traning Fee

€ 1,200.00

Target group

Specialist personnel, foremen, technicians, and engineers from maintenance, production, and service


Basic knowledge and experience of hydraulics.

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