Basic training – In cooperation with EMG Automation GmbH

Quality assurance systems: Material properties, roughness, oil film and strip stabilization

Quality assurance systems today form part of the standard equipment in flat steel production. In addition to material properties such as yield strength or roughness, the quality of the surface and the surface coating also play an important role, particularly in automotive production. During the further processing in the press works, the different material properties, the coating quality and – during the press process – the oil film contribute to the optimisation of the production yield.

The decision on the choice of a quality assurance system and its optimum operation are greatly dependent on the understanding of the measurement technology and the awareness of the possibilities and limitations of the application.

In order to support this, we offer a training course introducing the characteristics and technological principles of EMG quality assurance systems. This training course is suitable for all customers who already use or who are planning to use the quality assurance systems in flat steel production. It also covers questions of system integration and the introduction of such systems in production, as well as their long-term use, optimisation and maintenance. The course is held in the works of our cooperation partner, the EMG Automation GmbH, and includes a tour of the works with the possibility of seeing the various system solutions and getting to know them “hands-on”.

The learning units (1.5 days):

The following quality parameters and the corresponding measurement technologies are discussed during four course units and one works tour:

  • Works tour
  • Laser optics-based online roughness measurement (SORM 3plus)
  • Induction-based online measurement of tensile strength and yield strength (IMPOC)
  • Infrared spectroscopic-based online measurement of the oil film (SOLID®)
  • Induction-based strip stabilization for the hot-dip coating process in order to achieve optimum zinc or aluminium coatings (eMASS®)


German  Courses  (No. 3131):

September 6 - 7, 2019


English  Courses  (No. 3130):

October 9 - 10, 2019



SMS group GmbH - Hilchenbach

Traning Fee

€ 600.00

Target group

Rolling mill management staff, line managers, quality assurance managers, process managers


No special background knowledge is required, although an engineering background is an advantage.

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