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Coating technologies for rolling mills

Chrome plating of work rolls for longer service life

Chrome plating of work rolls

Chrome is one of the hardest metals, with excellent corrosion resistance and a low frictional coefficient. This combination turns the surface of work rolls to high-value and wear-resistant. SMS provides automated coating and carefully inspects the roll before and after chrome plating.

SMS uses EDT prior to chrome plating

Deformation behavior and appearance of the varnish depend on the structure of the strip surface. EDT (electric discharge texturing) is a machining process which removes particles from a work roll surface by energy of electric discharges. The electro-erosion leads to a higher number of peaks on the roll material's surface. This results in a roughness higher by 2-3 points compared to shot-blast-texturing (SBT). In combination with a 0.005 to 0.015 mm thick chrome layer, EDT is a successful solution for automotive sheets.

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