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Mold tracker

Smart copper plate management

As one of our first parts, the Mold Tracker is part of our digital solutions, which we offer as part of our Smart Maintenance Solutions for different budgets and applications. With the Mold Tracker we are pursuing the goal of making copper plates from the continuous casting process smart.

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For high strand quality and trouble-free operation, your copper plates must be in optimum condition. For this reason, professional and clear maintenance management is essential. The Mold Tracker supports you here. The Mold Tracker is mounted outside the casting area on the side surface of the copper plate and continuously measures the degree of wear and the operating hours of the copper plate. It is fully self-sufficient and ready for immediate use, regardless of your infrastructure.

The collected data can be read out via Near Field Communication (NFC) and made available centrally in the cloud. This means that the maintenance and wear behavior of each of your plates can be documented clearly and with minimum effort. In addition, predictions are made as to how long you can still use your copper plates and irregularities in the wear of your plates are detected. With this information, you can optimally stock your copper plates and avoid bottlenecks and tied-up capital in the form of copper plates that fill your warehouse unused.

Since the information is stored centrally in the cloud, all involved and interested persons can access the relevant information via smartphone or browser. This replaces the preparation and synchronization of locally stored Excel spreadsheets with a real-time single source of truth.

Your benefits

  • Wear and operational states of copper plates are recorded centrally
  • Digital availability of the copper plate history
  • Reduced capital tie-up through needs-based spare parts management
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Mold tracker

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