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X-Roll® Oil Bearing

Oil film bearings
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for more reliability, safety, and efficiency

SMS group has banked 60 years of experience supplying all generations of oil film bearings to rolling mills in the steel and non-ferrous industry worldwide. Today, you can identify our modern and cost-effective roll neck bearings by the SMS group trademark.

Included here are:

Heavy plate and Steckel mills

Hot strip mills

Cold rolling mills

High-speed aluminum foil mills

Roughing mill stands in wire rod mills

Roller mills in the minerals industry


More than 36,000 bearing bushes installed in our own as well as competitors’ rolling mills demonstrate the high quality and reliability of our components.

To date, our oil film bearings have been installed in almost 600 mill stands in some 175 rolling mills since 1980.

SMS support means you can count on outstanding technical assistance and services for oil film bearings from day one. That’s how we have developed long-term relationships with so many big names all over the world.

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Development and design

It’s standard procedure for us to steadily improve our oil film bearing technology. What’s more, you can rely on our advice for the very best new bearing solutions as well as upgrades and repairs. There is no gamble or guesswork for you here because we focus firmly on your requirements so you get the solutions you want and need.
Our design team applies modern CAD software to create 3D models of the bearing complete with the chock and roll neck. Just as crucial is detailed FEM analysis for optimal bearing components and backup roll necks. To validate and update our bearing dimensioning software, we regularly record bearing data under true load conditions in mill stands. Using model techniques, we simulate the fluid flow and physical properties and analyse the elasto-hydrodynamic behavior of the bearing.


Modernizations of backup rolls and oil film bearings

It makes sense to revamp and extend older mills so they can handle today’s challenging products. That ensures your long-term competitiveness.

Included in the critical components are the backup roll and bearing unit. To start with, we team up with you to determine the current status of your bearing system. Then we perform a thorough analysis. This is how we identify what optimizations will get the best out of your system.

There is plenty of scope for practical improvements in areas such as safe handling of the bearings or better sealing systems. These can make all the difference.

That’s where our design ideas and systematic improvements come in. They cover all components – from the bearings and their chocks to the roll necks and oil lubrication systems. Our modernizations ensure your bearings achieve the high standards of occupational safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness to guarantee your success. 

Your benefits

  • Symmetrical rolls for better handling and fewer spare parts
  • Highly efficient sealing system prevents oil leakages and coolant ingress
  • Better locking system for more comfort and safety

Spare parts & repairs

Spare parts in original-equipment-manufacturers (OEM) quality

Whatever brand of oil film bearings you use, whether X-Roll® Oil Bearing or any other type, SMS group supplies first-class spare parts that guarantee efficient plant operation.

Expert repairs of main bearing components:

  • Regrinding roll-neck sleeves
  • Repairing bushings, incl. Babbitt replacement
  • Reconditioning and retrofitting roll chocks

Your Benefits

  • Analysis of your spare parts requirements
  • Rapid delivery of spare parts in OEM quality
  • Framework contracts for spare parts supply and inventories
  • Advice on technical improvements
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Value-added customer service and training

Technical support in your roll and bearing shop

While rolling mill operation is going on, the operational change rolls and bearings are machined and prepared in the roll and bearing shop. That boosts your productivity because high-quality and high-performance mill components such as oil film bearings are crucial to meeting ever-higher quality requirements.

Wherever in the world you are, an SMS group service team is only a phone call or a click away. So you can count on rapid, uncomplicated, and flexible support every time.

Our X-Roll® Oil Bearing specialists work with your roll and bearing shop as well as maintenance teams to analyze weak points. Then they initiate the necessary steps so your system works perfectly.

Preventive maintenance supportPreventive maintenance supportPreventive maintenance supportPreventive maintenance support
Preventive maintenance support
Classroom training at SMS group TECademy or on your siteClassroom training at SMS group TECademy or on your siteClassroom training at SMS group TECademy or on your siteClassroom training at SMS group TECademy or on your site
Classroom training at SMS group TECademy or on your site

What you get from our X-Roll® Oil Bearing service:

  • Technical assistance
  • Supervision of installation & commissioning of bearings and hydrostatic systems
  • Bearing damage analysis
  • Troubleshooting for your entire oil bearing system
  • Bearing inspection support
  • Advice on everything from upgrades to the latest bearing technology
  • Operator training in theory and practice


Competence in manufacturing for high precision and reliability

Included among the rolling mill components essential for strip quality are the bearing housing for work and backup rolls, and the bearings themselves. Our focus on the technical demands of these complex components forms the basis for regular investment in our workshop. This is where our special machines give each component the right finish.

Efficient processes and modern technologies in manufacturing, such as plasma soldering of bushings, ensure consistent high quality.

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Oil Film Bearing Rolling Data Sheet
Standard Lubricant Specification SN180-3
Advanced Lubricant Specification SN180-4
Oil film bearings


SMSgroup Knie, Daniel

Daniel Knie

SMS group GmbH
Vice President Technical Service Flat Rolling Plants
Wiesenstraße 30
57271 Hilchenbach-Dahlbruch

Phone : +49 2733 29 2303
Fax : +49 2733 29 772303

SMSgroup Will, Roland

Roland Will

SMS group GmbH
Senior Expert X-Roll® Oil Bearing Technical Service
Wiesenstraße 30
57271 Hilchenbach-Dahlbruch

Phone : +49 2733 29 2271
Fax : +49 2733 29 772271