Water treatment

Water treatment know-how from your system supplier For pumping, storing, cooling, filtering, treating

SMS group has decades of experience in the construction of water management systems and offers comprehensive solutions in all areas of metallurgical plant and rolling mill technology.

We specialize in equipment for raw water treatment through cooling and process water circuits, right up to waste water treatment and water recycling. We take care of the necessary steps throughout all phases of the project: from the planning, delivery, and erection, right up to the commissioning and performance tests.

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Customized solutions for all areas of water treatment

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State-of-the-art plants and equipment – continually optimized

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Resource-efficient water treatment and integrated environmental protection

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Worldwide service


Sustainable and economic solutions

Our special focus is on developing customized plant and equipment which we define jointly with our customers. To achieve this, we provide studies and audits in existing water management systems in advance.  Whether it’s identifying potential savings, improving performance, or ensuring long-term environmental protection – SMS group is on hand with advice and support for all your needs.

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Processes with low environmental impact

Resource-efficient technologies – the green thread that runs through the entire production process is organized under the “Ecoplants” brand at SMS group. The responsible management of water resources plays a vital role here.

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Water-saving systems
Recycling and reduced evaporation

Innovative concepts for optimizing water consumption for cooling circuits and for the whole process water chain from production to treatment.

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Zero Liquid Discharge
Reduced fresh water supply

Given the shortage of water resources and the increasing costs for water treatment and waste water disposal, the demand for new recycling technologies is rising.

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Consulting services
Audits and optimized water conditions

Developing new technologies that meet our customers’ varying requirements is just one of the benefits we offer. We use mobile pilot plants to test various water treatment processes on site and show their effectiveness in a simulation.

Products and Solutions


The water management systems benefit from more than 100 years of experience in metallurgical plant and rolling mill engineering. This know-how ensures the optimized and reliable integration of water treatment plants into a production process that saves energy and water.

SMS Group water management systems

The water management systems are tailor-made to the capacity of the production lines and operate with a high degree of cost-efficiency.

  • Steelmaking plants
  • Continuous casters
  • Secondary metallurgy
  • CSP® plants
  • Hot & Cold rolling mills 
  • Strip processing lines
  • Integrated plants
  • Copper & Aluminum rolling mills
  • Tin plate mills
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Range of solutions

TasksPlant components
ConveyingPipes, Troughs
StorageVessels, Basins, Emergency-water tanks
CleaningFiltration plants, Ultrafiltration plants, Scale pits, Oil skimmers, Longitudinal clarifier basin, Precipitators, Separators, Sludge treatment systems, Filter presses 
CoolingHeat exchangers, Cooling towers, Energy-recovery facilities
Altering of the water propertiesReverse-osmosis units, Ion exchangers, Deacidification units
Chemical conditioningfor the avoidance of deposits (e.g. boiler scale), corrosion, and formation of algae, for improvement of water-cleaning   
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Direct and indirect cooling

Primary and secondary circuits

Depending on the local situation, the cooling water systems can be designed either as primary or secondary circuits (e.g. seawater circuits, cooling of emulsion circuits or of rolling-oil circuits). Depending on the production process, a distinction is made between direct or contact cooling (contact with the process) and indirect or non-contact cooling (heat exchanger). SMS group can furnish perfected solutions for both options.

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Water and wastewater treatment

Depending on the production process

In conjunction with the cooling systems, all additional units belong to the range of supplies of SMS group:

  • Units for filter sludge treatment
  • For the treatment of make-up water
  • Boiler feed water, industrial water 
  • For wastewater Treatment 
  • For utilities distribution



Industriewasser 4.0
Potenziale und Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung für die industrielle Wasserwirtschaft


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