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Since 2012, SMS group’s range of sustainable technologies has been combined under its Ecoplants label. This label is awarded to plants and plant concepts that distinguish themselves from reference plants through their significantly lower consumption of input materials, consumables, and energy, or through reduced emissions and higher recycling rates.

It goes without saying that the modernization of existing plants can also considerably reduce a company’s environmental footprint. Therefore, SMS group has introducted “Ecoplants modules” to describe the numerous solutions that are available for the modernization of plants. Within a reasonable investment framework, the technologies developed and marketed under this label make a significant contribution towards improved sustainability and also offer positive economic effects.

With a focus on the whole process chain, SMS group continually evaluates how the sustainability of the solutions and innovations offered can be enhanced on an ongoing basis. Any technology that is put forward for Ecoplants classification is subjected to a sustainability check by the engineers responsible. An Ecoplants solution must meet the following criteria:

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Ecoplants modules

Improving competitiveness with affordable investments Ecoplants technologies throughout your process chain

During the many years a plant is in operation, market condition can change drastically. Regulations on emssions get tougher, energy costs go up or raw materials become more expensive. With SMS group's "Ecoplants modules" you can modernize your existing plant in order to reduce the ecological footprint and save money.

Alternating bottom stirring

Bottom stirring is a system for homogenization in the metal bath in the BOF converter.

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Convection roll cooling (CRC)

Convection roll cooling of work rolls saves energy and reduces operating costs.

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CSP® furnace rollers with aluminum silicate insulation

Efficient heating and slab transport with special cooling rolls. Special water-cooled rollers transport the thin slabs through the furnace.

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E-CO energy collector

The E-CO energy collector enables energy recovery on the continuous caster.

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New generation fume exhaust system

Saving of energy costs because of approx. 40 % reduced exhaust flow.

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X-Pact® Gas Cleaning Control

X-Pact® gas cleaning control is an energy efficient suction control for primary dedusting systems.

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Sustainable and profitable plant concepts Ecoplants technologies throughout your process chain

Other than the reasonable Ecomodules concepts, our Ecoplants mark stands for comprehensive and sustainable plant solutions, in recognition to the fact that sustainability has become a key growth factor for our customers - for economic and ecological reasons. Ecoplants solutions do both.

In all of our product units, we systematically examine how we can continually improve the sustainability of the solutions we offer. This is added value that we can quantify by comparing it to the respective standard technology. Ecoplants has already started having an effect - sustainably and profitably.

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Meet AirwashTM, our brand-new system for cleaning the exhaust air from aluminum cold rolling mills. It helps you protect the atmosphere and reduce operating costs by recovering rolling oil for recycling.

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The melting process generates between 10 and 20 kilograms of dust per ton of steel. This goes into the exhaust air where it represents a big problem. You need to clean the exhaust air to achieve sustainable steel production and comply with clean air regulations. BOF (basic oxygen furnace) dedusting systems from SMS group ensure you meet these standards and offer considerable economic advantages.

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More than half of demand on the copper market is for cast and rolled copper wire rod. That's because this material is crucial to the electrical and electronics industry. We have banked decades of experience and obtained worldwide references. All of these have made us a global leader with our high-capacity CONTIROD®* plants.

*CONTIROD® is a registered trademark of Aurubis Belgium

CMT Minimill - image CMT Minimill - image CMT Minimill - image CMT Minimill - image

CMTTM (Continuous Mill Technology) takes our basic minimill design a step further. It ensures short routes by linking the rolling mill directly to the steelworks. Unlike previous plants, CMTTM no longer requires a heating furnace. Instead, the casting heat goes directly into rolling.

CSP Eco - image CSP Eco - image CSP Eco - image CSP Eco - image

CSP® stands for Compact Strip Production. It’s our unique method for casting steel into thin slabs, followed by temperature homogenization in a tunnel furnace, then direct rolling in the mill. That eliminates prerolling. Now, with CSP® eco, we offer you a new package designed to slash energy consumption even further.

Drever - image Drever - image Drever - image Drever - image

One of the key stages in cold strip processing is high-speed cooling after recrystallization annealing. This is where Drever International, part of SMS group, offers you an ideal solution. The Drever® UFC (ultra-fast cooling) system achieves super-high, consistent cooling rates in radiant tube furnaces.

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The MT closed-die forging press is one of the latest generation of eccentric presses from SMS group. The MEERtorque® servodrive concept, newly developed from scratch, is the technical highlight of the press. 

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Another highlight besides our Single chamber furnaces is the HERTWICH Ecomelt type furnace. Despite the various strategic design criteria, detailed multi chamber furnace design is flexible to meet individual specifications and capacities. The HERTWICH multichamber furnaces Ecomelt PR, Ecomelt PS and Ecomelt PC are designed to the following principles.

EFA Process - image EFA Process - image EFA Process - image EFA Process - image

There are many advantages of sintering plants in modern, integrated steelworks. They not only produce sinter for the blast furnace process, but also enable producers to recover valuable materials. Included here are dust and other particulates generated during the sintering process.

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Almost all metallurgical melting units consume vast volumes of energy. Yet too often, most of this energy is wasted. Here is just one example: up to 40% of the energy expended exits the furnace together with the hot offgas. It’s essential to cut these losses. This is where we help you with custom-designed solutions for more efficient processes.

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Looking to the future, SMS group has set itself the targets of drastically reducing the fuel consumption and emissions of furnace plants. To achieve these ambitious goals, we are working hard on developing eco-friendly, high-quality alternatives to conventional furnace technology.

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PSM® stands for ”Precision Sizing Mill“. It also stands for wire rod and bar production that meets today‘s demands for top flexibility and process transparency. Always keen to achieve even better sustainability, SMS further improved the process for you. How? By integrating our MEERgauge® cross-section measurement system.

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What's best about our new electrohydraulic drive solution is that it saves you serious money. That's because it consumes between 25 and 50 percent less energy than conventional ring rolling machines. Instead of a large central hydraulic system, several small, self-contained electrohydraulic drives provide the necessary energy - wherever and whenever you need it.

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As a coke plant owner, you face the huge challenge of reducing gas emissions at the start and the end of coke distillation when the over doors are open. This is important for both economic and ecological reasons. That’s why Paul Wurth, part of the SMS group, developed SOPRECO® (Single Oven Pressure Control). It’s a system capable of controlling the pressure of each individual oven in a coke oven battery.




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