Your leading partner for continuous casting technology

Proven competence for a wide range of caster concepts

SMS Concast’s is your leading partner for life cycle management in continuous casting of long products. We help steelmakers get the most out of their equipment throughout its entire lifecycle from designing a new plant or casting line to optimizing operations, maintenance, consumables, spare parts and repairs, all the way through to innovative modernizations. Therefore, we offer the full range of products necessary to meet your specific requirements including mechanical equipment, service and spares, electrics and automation, technological and digital solutions (stand-alone or integrated) and much more.

Typical caster applications realized by SMS Concast:
Long product Dimension Concepts End user products
Billet <200mm C

rebar, light sections, soft-steel wires, pre-stressed concrete reinforcing wire, carbon wire, tire cord, stainless steel for bars and wires, ball bearing steel etc.

Bloom >= 200mm C, V, (SC)

Medium & heavy sections, rails

ultra-clean-, high-strength-, special forgings-, cutting-edge automotive-, engineering-, ball-bearing, stainless steel products etc.

Rounds > 85mm Ø
(up to 1000mm)
C, V, SC seamless pipes, wheels, forged shafts, etc.
Beam Blank



Light, medium, heavy section rolled beams

(incl. wide flanged beams)

C = Curved Mold / bow-type caster, V = Vertical caster, SC = Semi-continuous caster