Belo Horizonte, 1月 13, 2022

Answers to urgent climate issues - Digital solutions for predictive energy & sustainability management

Vetta expands its team and business areas

Brazil-based Vetta Tecnologia has been part of the SMS family for almost a year and a half, making an important contribution to reducing global CO2 emissions. As a center of competence for industrial digitalization, Vetta optimizes the energy matrix of entire plant complexes. Digital applications for predictive energy & sustainability management provide the key value lever for manufacturing industries: getting closer to global climate neutrality.

In Belo Horizonte, Vetta has now moved into new and larger premises as part of its structural expansion. This gives growing teams the opportunity to work together more intensively. Consequently, the energy and sustainability areas are to be more closely integrated with the service business to meet the industry's need for climate-neutral solutions even faster.

The global climate debate is currently one of the most pressing issues in politics, business, and society. Companies in the manufacturing industry, in particular, face a major challenge in achieving the ambitious climate targets: How can steel production be made efficient with optimum plant utilization and outstanding product quality - and at the same time save energy and resources? With a share of 7%, the steel and aluminum industries are major contributors to global CO2 emissions. Every year, 4.4 billion tons of CO2 are emitted during steel production. SMS takes its responsibility for bringing about the change to green steel production seriously and relies on cutting-edge technologies for efficient energy management, such as the Viridis Energy & Sustainability Suite, for example.

New technologies are changing the metals industry

As a global Center of Competence, the SMS subsidiary Vetta develops digital energy management solutions together with SMS that enable this transformation towards CO2-neutral steel production. The use of hydrogen plays a very important role in this: "New technologies and clean energy sources such as hydrogen will change the metals industry as we know it, and Vetta will help drive this revolution through digitalization.

The demand for digital solutions to reduce CO2 emissions has never been stronger.

The industry is undergoing a huge transformation, so our expectations are high. The demand for digital solutions to reduce carbon emissions has never been stronger. We are working flat out to get our applications to our customers and make them increasingly intelligent. We are developing the next generation of digital products that will drive decarbonization in the steel industry," says Dr. Thiago Turchetti Maia, CEO of Vetta. To that end, the team has expanded significantly. Vetta now has 300+ employees – and more are gradually being taken on. With its new headquarters, Vetta is not only establishing a highly modern workplace in the heart of Belo Horizonte to attract new talent, but is also strengthening itself as a strategically important center of excellence for industrial digitalization. From here, the Brazilian energy experts manage their business activities around the globe.

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Thiago Turchetti Maia presents Vetta's ...
Vetta office Vetta office Vetta office
... employees the new direction.
Growth for faster success

"More efficient energy management has been a living reality for us for a long time. Within a short period, we have already been able to help more than 50 customer sites make their production more sustainable. And it's not just the Latin American market that is of interest to us – with the global SMS network, we can reach customers all over the world. With the help of Viridis, energy consumption is now optimized to match the entire energy consumption of the Netherlands," says Bernhard Steenken, CEO of SMS digital. Vetta is constantly evolving. The Viridis Energy & Sustainability Suite, which has been intensively tried and tested in the steel, mining, and other energy-intensive industries, has been the focus of Vetta’s research and development investments.

The Viridis Energy & Sustainability Suite

The transformation of an entire industry is made possible thanks to smart digital solutions like the Viridis Energy & Sustainability Suite. Its applications help accurately calculate the energy and resource consumption of dozens of energy sources within a single plant and carefully balance them to achieve cost- and environmentally efficient production. Viridis provides a comprehensive management solution for steel mill operations that optimizes not only throughput and quality, but also energy-related costs, raw material consumption, and even carbon, greenhouse gas, and waste emissions. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms pass on information to the production planning and quality management software so that the relevant parameters are considered for both current and future production – in this way, all processes can be planned to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

Energy management certification

Energy certifications play an important role in the context of CO2-neutral steel production. Viridis helps companies to achieve ISO 50001 standardization and to dramatically reduce operational, audit and maintenance costs. With more than 300 functions in the system, Viridis implements and operationalizes all the practices and definitions of the standard, allowing a significant number of related actions to be performed automatically. Energy certification not only helps maintain the company's energy efficiency and management in the long term, but also signifies a serious commitment to society and the environment.

With SMS towards green steel production

Digitalization is becoming increasingly important for the metals industry. Companies want to make their production more efficient, optimize plant utilization, increase product quality, and reduce emissions – all while saving energy. Digital solutions enable companies to respond flexibly to changes in their production processes to make optimum use of resources. After all, in the face of economic competition, only those companies that rely on digitalization and sustainable technologies will have a decisive competitive advantage.

It is the interplay of different disciplines and sophisticated software that enables sustainable and efficient production. With strong partners like Vetta, SMS sees itself as well equipped for the complex transformation towards climate-neutral production processes.