A career in the commercial area

"What’s very important to me is the positive atmosphere in the company."

Yvonne Anraths has been working in Human Resources Development at SMS group in Mönchengladbach for two years. After university, she started her career in Berlin before returning to her roots on the Lower Rhine. She wanted a down-to-earth yet exciting and varied job, which is why she chose SMS. Now she feels right at home.

Talking to career ambassador Yvonne Anraths.

As a career ambassador, Yvonne Anraths is ready to answer all your questions about starting a career at SMS group.

The job: What’s it like to work in the commercial area at SMS group?

Human Resources Development is part of the commercial area. To roughly sum up my job, I’d say I help people get ahead. That’s very satisfying. As personal developers, we provide advice and support as needed. On the other hand, we also work closely with executive managers to proactively draw up and implement new activities and strategies. My main task is taking care of management staff. Every day, I’m in contact with different departments, as well as international partners. That means my workplace is the whole company.

Career: Why did I choose SMS group?

Well, at the top of my list was definitely a solid company and varied work. But what convinced me above all was the way I was treated even during my job interview. It was just very warm, friendly, and open. There’s a strong culture of friendly cooperation and a basic positive mood in the company. From today’s vantage point I can say I’ve been able to help make a real difference here. I like making things happen. That’s why I hope to achieve even more in the future. Maybe even together with you.

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Interview Yvonne Anraths