PSM® roll cooling ring

The PSM® three-roll technology is a solution for finish-rolling in high-end bar production. The PSM® roll cooling ring is used to cool the rolls that, at temperatures of up to 1,000 °C, give the steel bars their final shape.

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Conventional design

The conventional design is a welded structure consisting of several components and screwed nozzles. These flat-jet nozzles are arranged to the roll at a defined angle to attain the desired cooling effect. Adjustment of the nozzles during installation may result in misalignment. So, this application offers further potential for optimization: integrated nozzles to avoid misalignment. 

Optimization potential

  • Flow-optimized channel routing
  • Reduced number of parts
  • Reduced costs

Additive Manufacturing Design

It is particularly in this application, that the additive manufacturing technology allows not only for combining the methods of conventional and additive manufacturing, but also for using two completely different materials. The AM design includes a welded steel ring and three additively manufactured spraying elements made of plastic. The welded ring is a stainless steel pipe and has three boreholes to receive the spraying elements which can be fitted to the pipe by means of clamps. The integrated flat-jet nozzles prevent misalignment and hence insufficient roll cooling. This way, the additive manufacturing technology offers the customer a tailor-made solution permitting, for instance, the spray pattern to be adapted to his specific product portfolio. The spraying element features a tangentially constant fluid flow without right angles and inner edges that may impair the flow and lead to flow losses. Moreover, if spares are needed or in the case of damage within the equipment it will be possible to replace the spraying elements quickly and at low cost.

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  • Low-cost spare parts due to material change
  • Optimized roll cooling by integrated nozzles