More power and reliability

With cutting-edge technology

SMS group advanced gear design features case-hardened gears and our newly developed SIEFLEX®-HT gear-type spindles. That makes it easy to transform existing drive trains to new levels. What’s more, increasing the transmission ratio on the main gear unit means your plant will achieve higher rolling torques.

The CSP finishing mill drive train at SDI Columbus, USA benefited from just such a revamp

Here, we used the existing foundations for twwhe new main gear unit, saving both time and money. It was not necessary to relocate the motor to achieve a higher transmission ratio because we customized the gear arrangement to fit. Now our compact, double helical, two-stage gear unit replaces the former unit within the same space. 

Also unchanged is the gear housing, now containing advanced gear sets instead of the original mill pinions. We modified the gear-type mill drive spindles to our SIEFLEX®-HT design. 


  • Two-stage main gear F1
  • New modified drop in pinion gear F1
  • New HT gearparts for the SIEFLEX®-Spindles
Cutting-edge technology Cutting-edge technology Cutting-edge technology Cutting-edge technology