Welding production

  • Feel free to contract us to manufacture your welded assemblies in construction steel and stainless steel, including stress-relief heat treatment, sand blasting, and priming/finishing.
  • Typical assemblies are frames, traverses, (transmission) housings, but also rolls (on request with contract welding) and welded spur gears made of case hardening steel and tempered steel.
  • Available for you here is our high-tech welding production shop that ensures efficient, cost-effective manufacturing. We use modern robot systems, e.g. for chamfering sheet metal, welding bronze, and coating bearing bushings with white metal.
  • As a specialist welding company, we offer you proven capability and compliance with the standards EN 1090 and EN 3834.
  • We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, also during a personal meeting if you wish.
Welding Production image Welding Production image Welding Production image Welding Production image