ArcelorMittal Gent, Belgium

Two new mill stands in 19 days only

ArcelorMittal Gent modernized its hot strip mill in order to expand its high-strength steel grades Portfolio.

The project involved installing two new finishing stands (F1 and F2), modifying stands F3 and F4, and replacing all loopers. Applying the new mill stands, modern actuators, and higher rolling forces ensured ArcelorMittal Gent can continue expanding its portfolio of third-generation UHSS and AHSS grades and improving product quality.

The first modernization step was realized in December 2015. It entailed revamping the drive trains of finishing stands F1 to F3 with more powerful main and pinion gears as well as SIEFLEX® HT high-performance spindles.

In November 2016, the new mill stands were implemented. To make sure, that the extremely tight downtime schedule could be realized, the stands were completely pre-assembled in the SMS group workshop and comprehensively tested. The tests included major mill stand functions such as adjustment and balancing systems or the entry and exit guides.

Once the tests had been completed, the disassembled mill stands were transported to Ghent and, in September 2016, pre-assembled next to the running line. During the shutdown in November, the stands were shifted to their final position by means of a special lifting system. After a revamp shutdown of only 19 days, ArcelorMittal Gent resumed operation.  

Scope of modernization

  • F1 + F2: New mill stands with hydraulic adjustment system and CVC®plus
  • F3 + F4: New hydraulic and mechanical adjustment system to increase roll force, new oil film bearings
  • F1 - F3: New mechanical drives including SIEFLEX®-HT spindles
  • F1 - F6: New loopers
  • New PCFC (profile, contour, and flatness control) for finishing mill