BOF dedusting systems


customized solutions to ensure high air purity

The melting process generates between 10 and 20 kilograms of dust per ton of steel. This goes into the exhaust air where it represents a big problem. You need to clean the exhaust air to achieve sustainable steel production and comply with clean air regulations. BOF (basic oxygen furnace) dedusting systems from SMS group ensure you meet these standards and offer considerable economic advantages. 

New in our range are dry-type electrostatic precipitators. We combine them with conditioning towers to build state- of-the-art converter meltshops. That’s why you can count on lower operating costs due to the low pressure loss, maintenance-friendly design, and high service life of the precipitator unit. Furthermore, the high efficiency and separating output ensure low residual dust contents so you can attain ambitious environmental standards. Also available from SMS group are wet-type electrostatic precipitators for meltshops with existing converter offgas wet cleaning systems. This unique innovation involves integrating an electrostatic precipitator into the gas cleaning system. Here again, you benefit from low investment costs and advanced plant technology. That means you can react promptly as soon as even tighter clean air regulations come into force. 

New fine dust cleaning technology

Shougang Qian‘An Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. awarded us an order to retrofit their steelworks with three hydro-hybrid filter systems. This plant is located in the city of Qian‘an in the northeast of the Chinese province Hebei. Determined to substantially cut its dust emissions, Shougang opted for our ecoplants technology. Specifically, we are modernizing the primary dedusting system of the three BOF converters. Included here is integration of hydro-hybrid filter systems in the exhaust duct behind the existing wet scrubbers. The scope of supply from our subsidiary SMS Siemag China covers the complete wet-type filter system (from inlet to outlet), supporting structure, electrics and automation, as well as assembly. Not to forget our installation method that keeps costly holding times to a minimum.

This innovative combination of existing wet scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators will ensure clean gas dust contents of up to 10 mg/Nm3. As before, the existing wet scrubber separates the main dust load. Yet now the additional unit takes care of fine cleaning, which was previously impossible. Electrostatic precipitation is used to process the fine dust particles in the off-gas. This is where Shougang gets to play a pioneering role and serves as a model for competitors worldwide. That’s because it will comply with the new, super-strict EU clean gas dust content regulations. 

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Ecoplants criteria

Your ecological benefits

Reduced emissions: Dust: < 10 mg/Nm3 

Your economic benefit

Electricity savings: 45%