Low energy consumption in
thin slab casting

CSP® stands for Compact Strip Production. It’s our unique method for casting steel into thin slabs, followed by temperature homogenization in a tunnel furnace, then direct rolling in the mill. That eliminates prerolling. Now, with CSP® eco, we offer you a new package designed to slash energy consumption even further. This is part of our policy of continuously improving this technology ever since its launch in 1989.

Directly linking the casting and rolling processes keeps energy consumption extremely low. Included in our expanded CSP® technology are modular packages. As a result, we can not only customize new plants, but also upgrade your existing CSP® facilities. What you get from our CSP® eco package is lower energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and lower production costs. 

A winning combination

What makes this new development possible is that very few products manufactured on a CSP® plant actually require the maximum tunnel furnace temperature. Combining gas-heated tunnel furnaces and induction heating plants means the tunnel furnace temperature can be maintained at a low level. There is still an effective solution for products that need a higher rolling temperature, because they are induction-heated as required directly before going into the first stand of the CSP® mill train.

The lower furnace temperature makes it easier to use uncooled, dry transport rolls in the tunnel furnace. Compared to water-cooled rolls, they reduce furnace heat losses. One of our customers, Nucor, is currently installing an induction heating plant in its CSP® facility at its Berkeley site in the U.S. Combined with the use of dry rolls, the new plant will reduce the energy consumption of the tunnel furnace by up to 50%. 

Optimization across the whole process

There is even more on offer for you, because we have also improved the hydraulic descaler for the CSP® eco package. Now a minimal gap between the water nozzles and slab surface ensures maximum head pressure. So you can use less water during descaling and reduce slab heat loss. We also integrate a new type of high- performance spindle in the mill train. That makes it possible to install smaller-diameter working rolls which lower energy consumption by 8 %. Looking at the improvements made across the entire process, we can conclude that CSP® eco offers you energy savings of around 45 % compared to other thin slab facilities. It also achieves lower CO2 emissions and production costs.

CSP eco - image CSP eco - image CSP eco - image CSP eco - image

Ecoplants criteria*

*Compared to other thin slab facilities

Your ecological benefits

Energy consumption: - 45 %


Your economic benefit

Cost reduction: €9.6 million py**

**Based on 2012/2013 electricity and gas prices in China, calculated for a single-strand plant with 1.5 million tpy