Higher efficiency for
smelting processes


Energy savings from recovery and
continuous processes

Almost all metallurgical melting units consume vast volumes of energy. Yet too often, most of this energy is wasted. Here is just one example: up to 40 % of the energy expended exits the furnace together with the hot offgas. It’s essential to cut these losses. This is where we help you with custom-designed solutions for more efficient processes.

Included among our customers in this area is Turkish company ETI KROM. The ferrochrome producer will save serious money in the future after installing our technology. Here is how: The energy from the approx. 600 °C offgas from two electric-arc furnaces will be converted into superheated steam. Then the steam will drive a turbine that generates 5 MW of electrical energy. As a result, our customer can indirectly reduce CO2 emissions and achieve energy savings totaling up to EUR 3.5 million every year.

Since mid-2013, the Chinese steel producer Fuxin has been working with energy recovery systems from SMS integrated in an electric-arc furnace and an AOD converter. The systems convert the exhaust gases with a temperature of above 2,000 °C into saturated steam. Next, the steam goes into the plant network and drives processes such as cooling electrical units. 

Increased efficiency for smelting processes

Cost-efficient with non-stop operation

Now available to you is our new electric-arc furnace, ARCCESS® S/EAF® (steady electric-arc furnace). It increases steelmaking productivity by a massive 30 % . That's because it achieves a degree of continuity in the production process previously not technically possible. All components are designed for approximately one week's nonstop operation. Integrated in the melting process are systems we originally developed for submerged-arc furnaces. To achieve efficient production, the furnace is continuously charged and the level of slag controlled by a new, patented slag door system. Also included is an energy recovery system. The closed design of the furnace cuts noise and dust emissions. All these innovations slash energy consumption and production costs, as well as measurably reducing environmental impact.

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Ecoplants criteria

Your ecological benefits

Potential for reducing CO2 emissions: 60,000 t CO2 py 

Your economic benefit

Potential for cost savings: €3 - €4/t