Optimzed technology for furnace plants


Combining innovations for greener production

Looking to the future, SMS group has set itself the targets of drastically reducing the fuel consumption and emissions of furnace plants. To achieve these ambitious goals, we are working hard on developing eco-friendly, high-quality alternatives to conventional furnace technology.

Just one example of this direction is our recently developed technology for tube furnace plants. It’s based on a digitally-controlled flameless recuperative burner. Combined with a special furnace chamber design and advanced process and automation technology, this innovative solution is set to become the new benchmark in emissions and fuel consumption. 

Case study: Furnace plant for nucor steel

The billet furnace Nucor Steel ordered for its U.S. plant in Darlington is based on a design that is not only sustainable but also profitable. Included in the innovations are UltraLow NOX burner technology that cuts nitrogen oxide emissions by 17.1 tons per year, and our SMSPrometheus® mathematical optimization system. This all-new heating solution provides a more efficient metal yield by reducing scale formation by between 0.1 and 0.5%. That goes hand in hand with the optimized heat distribution that significantly cuts your fuel consumption.

Combining these innovations achieves sustainable process improvements compared to conventional furnace technology. Depending on operating conditions, you can cut nitrogen, sulfur, and carbon oxide emissions by around 12 to 15% – and fuel consumption by as much as 20 to 25%. That translates into massively lower energy costs. 

Ecoplants criteria*

*Calculation based on values for last plant completed

Your ecological benefits

Emissions savings:

  • 14,000 t CO2 py
  • 15.2 t NOX py 

Your economic benefit

Cost reduction through fuel economy: €8/t