Lower coke oven gas emissions

As a coke plant owner, you face the huge challenge of reducing gas emissions at the start and the end of coke distillation when the over doors are open. This is important for both economic and ecological reasons. That’s why Paul Wurth, part of the SMS group, developed SOPRECO® (Single Oven Pressure Control). It’s a system capable of controlling the pressure of each individual oven in a coke oven battery.

The principle behind this process is precise control of the oven pressure. Here is how it works: A special ball valve is installed between the collecting main shut-off valve and the elbow. The ball valve is driven by a pneumatic actuator, controlled by a PLC, and continuously flushed with ammonium hydroxide. This mechanical system keeps the pressure conditions in the collecting main constantly below zero.

That in turn ensures a better suction action in the initial coking phase and drastically cuts emissions through leaking doors caused by overpressure in the oven. During the coking process, the pressure control system achieves a low positive pressure at the base of the oven, including in the final phase. This prevents air from being sucked in. 

Effective and robust

Here is what you stand to gain: our system reduces fugitive emissions through doors, covers, and vertical pipes by up to 90 %*. What‘s more, SOPRECO® ensures you can charge the ovens without injecting ammonium hydroxide at high pressure. The system has proven its effectiveness in coke oven batteries with both top and ram charging in over 400 installations worldwide.

Furthermore, the compact, robust design makes it built to last. All components are engineered for reliable operation under harsh conditions. Even that’s not all, because SOPRECO® is easy to install, virtually maintenance-free, and can be fitted to existing batteries – without interrupting ongoing production. 

Sopreco - image Sopreco - image Sopreco - image Sopreco - image

Ecoplants criteria

Your ecological benefits

Savings potential: - 90% fugitive emissions*

*Refers to benzopyrene and fine dust during tests on furnaces in operation 

Your economic benefit

Savings potential: €0.50/t