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Düsseldorf, July 23, 2019

HD LASr [strand] – The new method for smart strand guide aligning

  • Best aligning of continuous caster‘s strand guide is basis for perfect slab quality
  • Need of best measuring technology for aligning
  • HD LASr enables operators to easily apply the high-precision lasertracker with a customized software

Perfect manufacture and precise aligning of the continuous casting plant are crucial to achieve minimized mechanical strain on the strand and best slab quality. The first step is the precise aligning of the components segment and mold using the digital aligning assistants HD LASr [segment] and HD LASr [mold], the innovation tools for the segment and mold workshop that provide the best possible support of the casting strand.

After mounting the aligned components in the caster, the strand should be perfectly guided. But how to check the alignment state of the strand guide and how to attain an easy to use, reliable and exact strand guide measuring method? Nowadays you use perpendicular or long templates for aligning your strand guide – this can take long time in which you cannot produce and is complex in handling.

With the aim of making checking easier, more precise and reliable, HD LASr [strand] has been developed based on the well-proven 3D laser tracker measuring technology combined with intuitive software. HD LASr [strand] replaces the long and heavy templates and feeler gauges, imprecise perpendiculars and micrometer gauges with three simple and light measuring tools: laser tracker, reflector and reflector slide.

The handy reflector weighs no more than 120 g and is used to probe the parts to be measured. Due to its small size it easily fits in your pocket. A reflector slide weighing only 3 kg guides the reflector over the mold copper plates and along the rollers. With a weight of only 10 kg, the laser tracker is significantly lighter than a template and far more precise and reliable, with a volumetric accuracy of +/-0.015 mm +5 µm/m.

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