Innovative maintenance in continuous casters

A complex approach to determining a continuous caster's readiness for operation in terms of the product range to be cast is realized by a diagnosis of the machine's condition. Multi-faceted technology-oriented evaluations of the alignment of segments and rollers in the strand guide improve product quality when casting steels that are susceptible to cracking and segregation

The learning untis (1 day):

Block 1 / Solidification process:

  • Causes of crack formation during steel casting
  • Simulation of process states in the continuous caster

Block 2 / Strand guide alignment:

  • Alignment of the rollers in the segment shop
  • Alignment of the segments and rollers in the strand guide

Block 3 / Augmented reality:

  • Use of augmented reality to analyze the condition of the plant
  • Use of augmented reality for service in continuous casters

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SMS group GmbH - Hilchenbach

Traning Fee

€ 600.00 / Day / Person

Target group

Engineers, process engineers, industrial supervisors, mechatronics engineers, and production, workshop, and service employees


No specific previous knowledge necessary