Basic training

Oil-film roll-neck bearings

Oil film roll-neck bearings are highly-developed components used in modern rolling mill technology. Yet, even under the most adverse operating conditions, they need to meet all demands for minimum maintenance costs and long service life to ensure the constant availability of the rolling mill.

We have banked more than 60 years of experience in the manufacture, maintenance, and modernization of the oil film roll-neck bearings. So here is a unique opportunity to share in our know-how.

Our oil film bearings basic training is geared toward the requirements of rolling mill operators in the steel and NF metal industry. It’s a premium training module – ideal for you if you want to learn about or increase your understanding of the theory and practice of oil film bearing technology for backup rolls. The training comprises a one-day classroom session plus a tour of our oil film bearing production shop.

The learning units (1.5 days):

  • Basics of hydrodynamic oil film bearings
  • Hydrostatic auxiliary equipment
  • Design and structure of oil-film bearings
  • Installation in mill stands
  • Evaluation of bearing damage
  • Repairs of installation parts and bearing components
  • Bearing types, modernizations
  • Attaching systems
  • Sealing systems

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SMS group GmbH - Hilchenbach

Traning Fee

€ 600.00 / Day / Person

Target group

Employees in roll workshops as well as rolling mill maintenance and servicing personnel


No specific previous knowledge necessary.